Water Treatment Solutions

Purification water systems for the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries

We have an extensive range of products and services to cater for the design, supply, installation, commission and maintenance of your water treatment system. 

Backed by 24-7-365 support and quick turnaround thanks to our extensive range of warehoused filters and spare parts.

Our solutions are designed to produce water for each client’s specific purpose or process. We have products designed for small clinics with compact reverse osmosis systems. But also, modular water treatment systems for hospitals and the Food & Beverage industry and ultra-pure water compact units for laboratories.

From design to final completion

Full service from design, installation, training and validation by an expert team with 20+ years of experience in the water treatment industry.

Bespoke & modular system

We have compacted units however we also design water treatment systems to suit your site requirements and leave room for upgrades.

Financial solutions

You can spread the cost of your new water treatment system and enjoy peace of mind with a fully comprehensive cover. Giving you full visibility on cost and no surprises.

24-7-265 support & remote monitoring

We make sure your system is running smoothly and quickly diagnose any issues for efficient repairs. Backed by an extensive stock of spare parts and filters.

Our trusted partners

We build long-term partnerships with leading equipment manufacturers

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Water Treatment Solutions

Your partner in water treatment system replacement

Our team is used to working around old configurations and clinical environments. We can install our system in parallel to your historic water treatment unit. We’ll work around your schedule for minimum disturbance and manage all contractors for the electrical and plumbing work. Leaving you free from any project management.

Laboratory testing service

We work in close partnership with testing laboratories and supply a full range of microbiological services. These include but are not limited to, hospital analysis and potable water testing, such as legionella testing and pseudomonas aeruginosa testing. It also includes testing for decontamination validation processes in accordance with regulatory requirements and best-known industry methods.

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A sample of our customers

What our customers say

"Galway Clinic requested a turnkey solution for a duplex water treatment plant from Manepa for our Endoscopy washers. The plant chosen was the Endotherm Duo. An excellent piece of plant with an interactive touch screen also managed remotely. A great installation and no issues since its implementation."

Enda Elwood

Engineering Manager

"We recently had a new RO water plant installed in Beacon Hospital by Manepa Medical Water division led by Mel Hasanovic. Mel and his team were professional, knowledgeable and efficient throughout the whole process. They explained all the benefits of the new system and answered all our questions. The aftersales service has been excellent and I would definitely consider Mel and his team for future projects."

Aileen Byrne

CDU Manager & Hospital Decontamination Lead

"For the last two years the service provider carrying out the repairs and servicing on the reverse osmosis plant for the hospital site has been Manepa. We had the opportunity recently of purchasing a new RO plant for our endoscopy department, this was supplied and commissioned by Manepa, this plant is operating satisfactory with no problems. From management, administration to engineer level I have always found them very helpful, and when required sent an engineer promptly to site to get the issues resolved."

Decontamination Engineering Manager

About Manepa

Building upon our experience in decontamination and the healthcare industry, water treatment came naturally as an additional service for our client. Thanks to the decades of experience in water treatment of our team, backed by our renowned partner Envirogen, we quickly became a national player in water purification.

Manepa Medical Building Rathcoole

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Maintenance & Technical Support

We install, monitor, maintain and repair your equipment. We also train your team and provide equipment rental services.

Calibration & Validation

We are fully accredited to calibrate and validate any decontamination equipment.

Managed Equipment Service Contract

A smart financial plan and a comprehensive service cover. Giving you a clear budget forecast for your department.

Turnkey Engineering Solutions

From design, construction, electrical and mechanical work, through to stainless steel finishing and staff training.

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