Turnkey Engineering Solutions

Bespoke engineering solutions - From design to completion

From planning a brand new CSSD department to renewing your lab decontamination equipment or water treatment system, we have experience in providing turnkey solutions that are optimised to your requirements. We handle the entire process right from the initial concept design and feasibility study to the final commissioning of the equipment and training of staff.

Why choose Manepa to overview your project

Get specialist consultancy

When planning a room or facility for an average use of over two decades, it is crucial to get things right from the start. We have the medical expertise and design competence to guide you all the way and will take everything into consideration such as building infrastructure, production capacity, clinical needs, patient safety, ergonomics, digitalisation and IT integration.

Keep project management off your hands

We take ownership of the full project. With our large portfolio of trusted contractors in Ireland and Northern Ireland, we cater for the design, construction, electrical and mechanical work, through to stainless steel finishing and staff training. You only have a single point supplier with a dedicated team to deal with and they are no hidden costs.

Your system is better optimised

We have over 200 years of collective industry experience. It has helped us define planning guides, based on best practice from hundreds of cases. Together we use them to identify your capacity needs and optimize the logistics flows, equipment, patients and staff.

We work around you for minimum downtime

Whether you are looking for new CSSD equipment or a new water treatment solution to fit your plant room, we are experts in equipment swap-out with no downtime. Ourselves and our trusted contractors are used to working around your current configurations.

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Maintenance & Technical Support

We install, monitor, maintain and repair your equipment. We also train your team and provide equipment rental services.

Calibration & Validation

We are fully accredited to calibrate and validate any decontamination equipment.

Managed Equipment Service Contract

A smart financial plan and a comprehensive service cover. Giving you a clear budget forecast for your department.

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