Ultrasonic Bath – Sonica 5300 S3

Ultrasonic bath for the healthcare industry. The Sonica 5300 S3 series has different control panel options and multiple stainless steel accessories.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning is a safe and efficient modern procedure, which ensures perfect cleaning within the shortest time possible. It has many advantages over ordinary cleaning methods. Ultrasonics can remove even the most tenacious deposits from parts which would be difficult to reach by hand. It also reduces the risk of injury or infection which may occur during manual cleaning.


  • Stainless steel tank made in AISI 304
  • Round corners for easier removal of dirt after the cleaning process
  • 25L max operating tank volume


EP series (featured in pictures) is the most technologically advanced of the SONICA 5300 S3 range with:

  • Sweep System generator
  • Modern digital display control panel window
  • Degas time setting
  • Cleaning times from 0 to 99 minutes
  • Tank liquid temperature setting up to 70°C
  • Memory for 9 cleaning programmes
  • Jet program function to quickly start cleaning cycles
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