STERISHEET® Crepe Wrap Paper

STERISHEET® Crepe paper by Sterimed is a cellulose based sterilization wraps for CSSDs.

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Crepe Sterilisation Wrap

Cellulose-based sterilization wraps are original wrapping materials with the highest bacterial filtration efficiency.

Crepe and Soft crepe wraps are made of more than 95% of renewable cellulose based materials. They are water repellent and biodegradable. Cellulose-based sterilization packaging provides further confidence in that you are using environmentally friendly materials.


Product specifications:

  • 100% cellulose material Standard crepe
  • Sterilization wrap, particularly for small trays
  • 99,9 % bacterial filtration efficiency with double-layer packaging
  • Conform with ISO 11607-1 and EN 868-2


Product Filters
Product Filters