STERISHEET® Bonded SMS Wrap Paper

STERISHEET® Bonded wrap paper consist on a combination of two SMS layers for an optimal barrier and excellent mechanical properties.

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Bonded SMS – Sealed sterilization wraps

STERISHEET® sterilization wraps are best in class Sterile Barrier Systems for CSSDs in hospitals and clinics. Sterisheet SMS products are available as interleaved, bonded, or single sheets.

STERISHEET Bonded by Sterimed are designed as sealed two layers of SMS. Double non-sequential wrapping with Sterisheet Bonded is performed in one single step, saves time during wrapping and unwrapping. The color-coded combination of two colors (blue, green) is a great asset to detect potential tears or holes.


Product benefits:

  • Two colours – green/blue – for easy defect detection
  • Time saving during wrapping stage thanks to simultaneous folding of 2 wraps
  • Efficient bacterial barrier
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