Sterile goods basket for ISO units

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Sterile supplies basket with insert frame for transporting, storing and presenting sterile supplies in soft packaging without the use of containers.

Basket suitable for washing and sterilising devices, made from premium electro-polished round stainless steel material. Basket with upper insert frame suitable for sliding into L or U profile rails of cabinet systems, Norm 5 Medidul shelves or Hupfer Känguruh System®. The special design of the faces means the baskets can be stacked either one inside the other (when empty, for example during washing and disinfecting) or on top of each other (when filled).

Key facts

  • With push frame
  • Can be stacked inside and on top of each other
  • Width × Depth: 600 × 400 mm
  • Electropolished stainless steel
  • Various heights available
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