Sediment Filtration

Through our partner PWG Ireland we offer a wide range of sediment filters.

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Sediment filters

Sediment filters are needed when the water supply is cloudy or turbid. The particles in the water will block plumbing systems, leave unsightly staining, may contain toxic chemicals or bacteria. The easiest way to remove the particles is by passing the water through a media where the particles get stuck and allowing clear water to flow through. The particles can be periodically ‘backwashed’ away to drain.

Sand is the most cost effective media. The grade of sand is tightly controlled so only highest quality, triple washed water treatment grade sand is used. The water passes through the sand and any particulates get trapped by the sand. Particles above 40 micron are typically trapped.

Filter Ag TM
Filter Ag has a high surface area and complex flow path for a more efficient removal of suspended matter. Typically particles down to 20 micron can be trapped. Filter Ag is slightly more expensive
than sand and should be soaked for 24 hours before use. A 50:50 mix of sand/Filter Ag forms an excellent value media mix.

Turbidex TM
Turbidex is a natural ore that has a more irregular surface than sand giving more efficient removal of suspended matter. This means the equipment can be smaller or faster flow rates can be achieved for a given size. Particles down to 5 to 10 micron are typically removed. Turbidex must be soaked before use.

AFM is a recycled glass media and has shown excellent sediment removal properties similar to sand.

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