Printer Labels with Process Indicators

GKE Steri-Record® labels with type 1 indicator for steam sterilisation processes.

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Roll of labels with process indicator type 1


The labels are single or double self-adhesive and can be used for documentation e.g. to be registered in a patient’s data or operation book. The labels are available in different sizes with process indicator for different sterilisation processes (continuous/single labels, single labels for Getinge documentation system, double self-adhesive (dsa), single self-adhesive (ssa)/ removable). Also available with different roll cores (reducers available).

The sterilization process and the successful colour change of the indicator are mentioned on each label.

All GKE labels with process indicators comply with the standard EN ISO 11140-1 type 1 and provide logistic information if a pack or container has been run through the sterilisation process.

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