NEUTRALKAN – Acidic Neutralizing Agent & Instrument Renovator

An acidic detergent to protect and restore medical instruments and the washer chamber.

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Acidic Neutralizing Agent and Instrument Renovator


NEUTRALKAN is an acidic detergent. It is a highly concentrated combination of organic and inorganic acids. It removes limescale, rust stains and mineral deposits off the instruments as well as the inside walls of the washer-disinfectors.

It can be used:

  • In automatic washers, washer disinfectors or other instrument reprocessing equipment as a neutralising agent of alkaline residues for surgical instruments and glassware.
  • In immersion bath as a powerful instrument renovator. NEUTRALKAN will remove rust stains and restore the initial brilliance of degraded or discoloured instruments.

NEUTRALKAN is compatible with stainless steel instruments, ophthalmological instruments, anaesthetic equipment, laboratory glassware, hard plastics and all acid-resistant medical devices.



NEUTRALKAN is compatible with most materials like stainless steel, glass, ceramics and acid-resistant materials.
Material compatibility with sensitive materials should always be checked before use.



  • NOSOCLEAN is manufactured in the EU.
  • MEDALKAN satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001 for quality management system and the requirements of ISO 13485 for the design and manufacture of medical devices.
  • CE mark according to the medical devices MDR Regulation (EU) 2017/745
  • Medical device class I
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