Hollow-Flow PCD

GKE Clean-Record® Hollow-Flow PCD with hose connections for MIS instruments in washer-disinfectors.

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Hollow flow PCD cleaning process indicators (CPI) for routine monitoring in washer-disinfectors


  • Special Hollow-Flow PCD with hose connections for MIS instruments in washer-disinfectors available for monitoring cleaning processes in hollow instruments
  • Contains two adapters with gap widths of 2 mm and 4 mm


During cleaning in the washer-disinfector and endoscope washer-disinfector, hollow instruments are connected to adapters. A special Hollow-Flow PCD enables the flow situation to be monitored. It contains two adapters for holding the indicator.

The adapter with a gap width of 2 mm produces a higher flow rate and thus stronger cleaning performance. In the adapter with a gap width of 4 mm, the cleaning performance is lower and the test requirement is therefore higher.

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