Envirogen EndoTherm Mini – Compact Simplex RO System

The EndoTherm Mini is a small footprint model, simplex system, with a single RO stream for supply to single or multiple washers – various outputs are available.

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Envirogen EndoTherm Mini – Compact Simplex RO System

Compact, reliable, cost effective reverse osmosis water purification solutions for decontamination equipment feed

The EndoTherm Mini is a small footprint, simplex system, with a single reverse osmosis (RO) stream that delivers purified water to HTM 01-06, HTM01-01 and EN ISO15883 compliant requirements.

EndoTherm Mini units can be programmed for thermal sanitisation to take place out of hours. A combination of reverse osmosis, ultra-violet disinfection, sub-micron filtration and constant recirculation all work together to maintain good water quality at a range of dispense rates making it suitable for individual or multiple pieces of decontamination equipment.

The full colour HMI (human machine interface) touch-screen monitor allows for secure PIN protected access levels, simple maintenance procedures and displays real-time graphical data. All models are pre-fabricated inside a small footprint cabinet, making them fast and easy to install, commission and validate. Various service contract options are available with HTM compliant water testing; as well as access to our remote digital monitoring programs.



  • Ideal for single/multiple Endoscope / CSSD Washer Disinfector feed
  • Thermal sanitisation to >80°C carried out automatically at night
  • Water recirculates at ambient temperature via the UV and UF endotoxin retention filter to all point(s) of use
  • Designed to comply with CfPP01-06, HTM2030, C32 and European Standard EN ISO15883
  • Compact and easy to install with footprints as small as 550mm wide x 600mm deep (1980mm H)
  • Quiet operation means suitable for positioning in washroom next to EWD’s if required
  • High dispense rates ensures fastest EWD fill rates
  • Distribution loops available in orbitally welded stainless steel or PEX pipework
  • High capacity integral 316L stainless steel tank to buffer any peak demand
  • Hygienic sample valve to validate and verify product water quality
  • Upgradeable outputs
  • PLC controller with colour, touch screen HMI for easy system programming
  • Removable USB memory stick for data logging system performance and sanitisations
  • Remote Monitoring as optional
  • Consumption Report as optional
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