Envirogen EndoTherm Duo – Compact Duplex RO System

The EndoTherm Duo is a range of duplex reverse osmosis (RO) systems ideal for single or multiple washers and autoclaves.

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EndoTherm Duo – Compact Duplex RO System

Compact, reliable, cost effective duplex reverse osmosis water purification solutions for endoscopy and sterile services applications

The EndoTherm Duo is a range of duplex reverse osmosis (RO) systems that are designed to meet the water quality standards of HTM01-06, HTM01-01, ISO15883 and AS/NZ 4187.

EndoTherm Duo units can be set to operate at ambient or elevated temperatures (user adjustable) with automatic thermal sanitisation taking place out of hours. All models can be electric or steam heated. A combination of reverse osmosis, ultra-violet disinfection, sub-micron filtration and constant recirculation all work together to maintain good water quality at a range of dispense rates that can be matched to single or multiple decontami-nation equipment needs.

The full colour HMI (human machine interface) touch-screen monitor allows for secure access levels, simple maintenance procedures and displays real-time graphical data. Compact, pre-assembled and skid mounted, EndoTherm Duo units are fast and easy to install, commission and validate. Various service contract options are available as well as access to our remote digital monitoring programs.


Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal for single or multiple washers/autoclaves
  • Steam heating option available
  • Duplex high-efficiency RO systems on the same module for maximum resilience
  • Prefabricated, skid mounted modular system means quick installation and less downtime
  • Thermal sanitisation to >80°C automatically out of hours
  • Water can recirculate at ambient or elevated temperatures to all points of use
  • Designed to comply with HTM01-06, HTM01-01, ISO15883, EN285 and AS/NZ 4187 requirements
  • Choice of high dispense rates for rapid filling and shorter cycles
  • Distribution loops available in orbitally welded stainless steel or PEX pipework
  • High capacity stainless steel tank to buffer demand to multiple washers
  • Hygienic sample valve with easy access to validate and verify product water quality
  • Upgradeable outputs up to 1200 lph to help future proof
  • PLC controller with full colour, touch screen HMI for easy system programming
  • Removable USB memory stick for data logging system performance and sanitisations
  • Twin pass option available
  • Remote monitoring option available
  • Consumption report option available
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