Clean-Record® cleaning process indicator (CPI)

Cleaning process indicator (CPI) for routine monitoring in washer-disinfectors with synthetic test soils.

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Clean-Record® indicator for cleaning process monitoring in washer-disinfectors


GKE Clean-Record® cleaning process indicator (CPI) for routine monitoring in washer-disinfectors. The indicators are placed in an indicator holder and attached to an instrument tray.

Five GKE-CPIs identified by colours with different wash-off characteristics are available. Each indicator sheet contains 16 indicator pairs. The additionally available Multi-Colour-Indicator combines three different wash-off properties (red | blue | green) on one indicator.



  • Selection of different indicators to suit the process.
  • Use of synthetic test soils instead of natural test soils with blood, which could contain pathogenic germs, thus long stability and durability.
  • No test devices required due to different indicator difficulty levels.
  • Self-adhesive, thus easy documentation.
  • The indicators are tested against reference test contaminants according to EN ISO 15883-5 using a reproducible test method.
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