CISA Washer Disinfector for Laboratory

Top performance and high-end design washer for laboratory. Boasting new technologies, customisable features and design with easy user interface.

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A range of CISA Washer Disinfector for Laboratory


Washing chamber
The washing chamber is made entirely from AISI 316L stainless steel. The chamber is curved to ensure good drainage and to make cleaning easier. The internal chamber surfaces have a “BA” type finish, and are subject to electrolytic polishing to obtain a surface with a roughness of less than 0.3 microns, and with a high resistance to corrosive attack.


The external cabinet enables access for maintenance thanks to the careful layout of the components, which makes maintenance very easy. All of the main components can be serviced from the front.


Control System
The unit is entirely controlled by an electronic programmable logic device (PLC) that covers cycle performances, control of parameters, and verification of process safety. The control system incorporates high levels of safety features for both operator and the machine.


Control Panel
The human interface is based on a modern industrial-grade component designed with a smooth surface for hygiene and easy cleaning. The control panel is provided with a standard 7” HMI touch screen upgradable to 10”, built-in 2” dot matrix printer, emergency button, door control buttons, and is mounted at an ergonomic level position to enable good view and easy control.


Product Range

  • P-KF 155 – Chamber dim: 630X680x840 – Dimensions 1p-2p: 1200X2000x1036-1066 – Lt: 400 – Load capacity: 18 Din Trays
  • SLIM – Chamber dim: 630X680X840 – Dimensions 1p-2p: 88X2450X1036X1066 – Lt: 400 – Load capacity: 18 Din Trays
  • P-KF 305 – Chamber dim: 630X680x1680 – Dimensions 1p-2p: 1200X2000x1910 – Lt: 800 – Load capacity: 30 Din Trays
  • P-M 104 SV – Chamber dim: 550X660x620 – Dimensions 1p-2p: 780X2000x800-830 – Lt: 225 – Load capacity: 12 Din Trays
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