CISA Superheated Water Steriliser

Superheated water sterilizers by Cisa uses hot water at temperatures above 100°C.

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Cisa Superheated Water Steriliser

Superheated water sterilisers are used to sterilise bottles, plastic bags, vials, ampoules, saline or pharmacological solutions by spraying and nebulising hot water at temperatures above 100°C (superheated) with the aid of a closed pressure circuit.

They are also used in the food industry or similar for bulk liquids, glass vacuum dryers and vials. Superheated water provides for rapid heating and, through the use of the same line of sprayers, rapid product cooling with the circulation of cold water.

The superheated water sterilisation cycle is composed of the following phases:

  • Filling of the chamber with water
  • Water recirculation in the chamber and heating by means of a heat exchanger fed by central steam system, which heats the water to the set temperature and maintains it at a constant temperature
  • Cooling by exchanging recirculating water with cold water from an external chiller unit
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