CISA Steam Steriliser Autoclave for Sterile Service

State of the art equipment for sterile service. This Cisa autoclave boast high-end finishing and the latest technology in high temperature steam sterilisation.

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CISA Steriliser Autoclave for Sterile Service

CISA steam sterilisers for Hospital applications are customisable in terms of functions and design. A large range of optional equipment and finishing are available such as Led lights, additional touch screens, Aquazero® pump and loading accessories.

Multiple machine configurations:

  • Single or double-door application; automatic or manual, vertical or horizontal movement door
  • Automatic Loading/Unloading
  • Stainless steel panel closures
  • Rectangular or rounded chambers
  • Human interface on load/ unload or both sides
  • Several types of steam production or utilization. From integrated steam generator, and integrated clean steam generator to the use of the centralized steam of the facility where the machine is installed.

Why use a Cisa hospital steam steriliser
The machine is designed with PLC industrial-grade microprocessor control for higher safety and guaranteed reliability; Cisa’s R&D engineers have used advanced design to optimize the machine for hospital use by working, on quality, safety and ergonomics.

Start-up time & stand by
The machine can be programmed for an early start-up and warming as well as an auto
vacuum leak test cycle before early morning staff arrival. It is also possible to program an early morning B&D test cycle if automatic loading is available.

Energy saving system
The Cisa sterilisers are designed to reach a high level of energy saving, using optimized power and energy conservation at the same time, without affecting the performance of the cycle, and with full respect for the environment; they also use different solutions for thermal, noise, drainage and air outlets protection as well as low electromagnetic emissions.

Vacuum pump system with Aquazero®
Available as an option, Aquazero® by Cisa is a patented vacuum system that does not require water to perform the vacuum conditions in a sterilisation cycle.

Cisa 3D virtual tour of CSSD range:

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