CISA COMPACT – Washer Disinfector

Easy to use and compact washer disinfectors by Cisa for healthcare facilities, veterinary clinics and dental practices.

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Cisa Compact Washer Disinfectors for healthcare facilities, veterinary clinics and dental practices.

The P-84 undercounter washer-disinfector is a compact machine with an under-bench installation that allows for the washing and thermal disinfection of reusable medical devices. The P-84 is a class IIB medical device complying with UNI EN ISO 15883-1,2.

Two versions are available, the P-84S and the P-84L with an added drying module.


Led Display
The alphanumeric LED display, controlled by only 4 function keys, has colours that change according to the specific phase in the washing cycle, so that the machine status is visible and intuitive even from a distance.


Disinfection cycles

The machine features, as standard, 4 thermal disinfection cycles:

  • Short instruments
  • instruments
  • anaesthesia
  • medical clogs


The maximum load capacity of the P-84 series is for 6 standard DIN trays, arranged on a rack with 3 levels.

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