CISA COMPACT – Table Top Steriliser

Class B Table-Top Steriliser with 10 pre-set cycles to sterilise all types of materials and instruments compatible with the steam sterilisation process.

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CISA COMPACT – Table Top Steriliser

The Compact series by Cisa is equipped with advanced technology in line with the latest regulatory and technical standards, conforming to UNI EN ISO 13060 class B and PED 2014/68/EU.

All internal components are made in Europe and manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure better performance and longer life.

The machine connects directly to the PC through a USB port on the back and is also equipped with a printer integrated into the control panel that allows to record and store the paper reports of each sterilisation cycle.

Versions and Capacities
The Compact table-top series is available in various models with different load capacities: 6-litre, 18-litre and the 23-litre model, which is the best price in its category. The equipment consists of a sterilisation chamber in AISI 304 stainless steel of adequate thickness to withstand steam pressure and operating temperatures and obviously resistant to corrosion.

Operating mode
The table-top Class B allows the operator to carry out sterilisation procedures on all types of instruments, solid, hollow or porous, packaged or not, through cycles that use fractionated vacuum pulsations controlled by the electronic system.
A wide display and intuitive software that controls the various functions make it easy to use, with clear and immediate messages and with just 4 buttons to browse the menu and select the work cycle. From the display it is possible to supervise every moment of the cycle, checking the pressure and temperature values of the chamber, the duration and the time remaining until the cycle end. From the main menu, it is possible to change all the options: language, date and time, auto-fill, and automatic switch-off.


  • 10 pre-set cycles to sterilise all types of materials and instruments compatible with the steam sterilisation process.
  • 2 test cycles (vacuum test for air tightness test and helix test/bowie dick test for hollow and porous load tests).

Integrated conductivity meter
For a correct sterilisation process, steam quality and consequently also water quality needs to be good. The conductivity meter monitors the water quality and determines the performance but also the need for maintenance.

Maintenance kit
The 23-litre is easy to use and easy to maintain. It has a specific kit to be used when a set number of cycles is reached (1000, 2000 and after 4000). It is easy to understand when to intervene: the machine indicates when the number of useful cycles has been exceeded and warns to proceed with maintenance.

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