CISA Cart Washer Disinfector for Sterile Service

Especially designed for hospital with multiple design options, Cisa cart washer have all the latest technology for efficiency and energy saving. It’s smooth and high-end design suits perfectly for best practice in infection control.

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Disinfector tunnel for trolleys, containers and beds for hospital

The equipment has been designed and built for washing, rinsing, thermal disinfection and drying of hospital carrier trolleys, containers and beds.

Range of washers
Based on their applications, Cisa washer disinfector tunnels are classified in series.

  • P-WCO 1500: Chamber dimensions 900 x 2000 x 1550
  • P-WB 2500: Chamber dimensions 1050 x 2000 x 2500
  • P-WCO 3100: Chamber dimensions 900 x 2000 x 3100


Stainless steel
Stainless steel of the highest quality is used for assembling the machine. The internal chamber and jacket are manufactured in AISI 316L.


Easy access for maintenance
Despite the large overall dimensions of the machine, thanks to the perfectly positioned components the machines are easily serviced from the front.


The control display unit, with a colour 7” touch screen monitor.


Quality & Safety
Cisa washer disinfector tunnels are built in accordance with the standards directives. Cisa P-W are medical devices Class IIB in conformity to ENI UNI ISO 15683-1,2,6.


Cisa 3D virtual tour of CSSD range:

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