Bowie Dick simulation test – Start up kit

Bowie-Dick-Simulation (BDS) Test for daily use after start-up as a functionality check (type test, no sterility test) for steam sterilisers.

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Compact blue PCD + 100 indicator strips for hollow load test


Process challenge device (PCD) for daily functionality check (type test, no sterility test) of air removal and steam penetration in steam sterilisers after start-up

Mandatory when operating large sterilisers according to DIN EN 285, but does not replace batch-related routine monitoring during sterile goods production

Simulates an air removal and steam penetration test according to DIN EN 285 (7 kg test pack), validated according to the test method described in DIN EN ISO 11140-4 and at the same time meets the requirements for a helix hollow load test according to DIN EN 867-5 (combination of BD and hollow load test in one test system)

Indicator strips available as a refill pack with 100, 250 and 500 indicators



  • The innovative patented “multi-stage” design of the Compact-PCD®, colour blue, simulates the porous Bowie-Dick cotton pack and the Helix-Test
  • Simple application – the chemical indicator may be easily removed and evaluated on completion of each cycle
  • All GKE chemical indicators are protected from bleeding by a polymer binder and surface coating
  • Cost-effective due to multiple uses of the PCD
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