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Aquazero® Cisa steam sterilisers include a patented technology for the vacuum process that doesn’t require water to perform the vacuum conditions. Making for high-performance steam sterilisers with negligible water consumption to suit the healthcare, life-science and pharmaceutical industries.

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Aquazero® is a new technology for steam sterilisation.

Aquazero® is a vacuum pump that doesn’t use water for the vacuum process. For one autoclave of 6STU capacity, you can save over 7 million litres of water after 10 years*. A major technology innovation for autoclaves. Regular vacuum pumps use a water ring system that uses a lot of water and often require replacement. Save on operating and maintenance costs, without compromising the quality of the process.


Cost savings and high-efficiency

Aquazero® by Cisa is a patented system for pre and post-vacuum (during the drying phase), that does not require water to perform the vacuum conditions in a sterilisation cycle. Compared to traditional liquid ring pumps it presents considerable advantages:

  • no water consumption for the vacuum process
  • less equipment downtime because regular liquid ring vacuum pumps are often subject to hard water aggression and need replacement


Cisa autoclave equipped with an Aquazero® pump will use 85% less water compared to standard steam sterilisers.


Why choose Cisa Steam Sterilisers:

High reliability and durability – built with the highest quality stainless steel 305 & 316L with a PLC industrial-grade microprocessor

Shorter cycles – thanks to a powerful steam generator system and their high insulation for stable temperature

Compact design – small footprint with front-side access maintenance and mirrored machine option

Easy to operate – automatic start-up option, intuitive user interface and automatic sliding door

Eco-friendly technologies – optimised power consumption, Aquazero® pump option and water recovery system option

Highly customisable – to suit your industry and your site requirements


Cisa 3D virtual tour of CSSD range:


*daily average consumption of 6 STU capacity steriliser of 2,350L compared to 350L for Cisa Steriliser with Aquazero technology assuming the steriliser is used 10 times a day.

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