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Worried about your equipment performance?

Get in touch for a quick health check of your current equipment with one of our certified engineers. 

They’ll run tests for you and follow all best practices to complete your equipment health check. Note this is limited to equipment not under contract with Manepa Medical and there are no purchase obligations.

Examples of equipment: autoclave, washer-disinfector, heat sealer, bedpan washer and macerators.

Free health check Manepa Medical

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Maintenance & Technical Support

We install, monitor, maintain and repair your equipment. We also train your team and provide equipment rental services.

Calibration & Validation

We are fully accredited to calibrate and validate any decontamination equipment.

Managed Equipment Service Contract

A smart financial plan and a comprehensive service cover. Giving you a clear budget forecast for your department.

Turnkey Engineering Solutions

From design, construction, electrical and mechanical work, through to stainless steel finishing and staff training.

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